As you custom-build your new shed, it is important to think about any extras you might like added – it’s easier and often more cost-effective for them to be included during initial construction than to add them on later.

These can be fitted in sheds or steel buildings of all shapes and sizes:

  • Roller doors, shutters and roller door remote units
  • Access doors
  • Windows and skylights
  • Insulation and roof ventilation
  • Mezzanine floor
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Security screens
  • Dividing walls
  • Water tanks
  • Shelving


Roller Doors, Shutters & Remote Units

  • Standard roller door sizes start from 2.4 meters, ranging up to 5.4 meters.
  • Doors come in all of the 22 Colorbond colors, and can be fitted to some existing sheds as well as new buildings.
  • Shutters are designed for larger industrial buildings and are often more durable and offer extra security on big buildings.
  • Our remote units make life so much easier! They come with a two-year warranty, with lifting capacity up to 15 square meters, and can be fitted to any roller door – old or new.

Access Doors

  • Deluxe access doors from Larnec can be added virtually anywhere to your building, and provide access without having a larger roller or sliding door.
  • They can be added to the side, front or rear of your shed during design.
  • Opening the full 180 degrees they are suited to high wind areas.

Windows & Skylights

  • Windows can be fitted almost anywhere on your shed and can provide extra natural light and ventilation.
  • Skylights also add extra light to a shed and are fantastic for an outdoor entertaining area or on a verandah to let extra filtered light into your home.
  • Skylights come in all types and we use the highest quality opal polycarbonate skylights for best light and UV blocking.

Insulation & Roof Ventilation

  • When building a new shed you might like to insulate it against the cold of winter and the heat of the summer. Air-cell insulation not only provides that extra comfort, but it also finishes off the inside of your shed.
  • Roof ventilation is also something to consider when thinking about comfort – there are a number of other ventilation devices, such as whirly birds, that are available that can easily be fitted to your new or existing building.

Mezzanine Floor

  • Mezzanine floors can be added to almost any of our shed designs, and immediately add an extra dimension to your shed using what was wasted space for extra storage room. In some larger sheds, the mezzanine floor can also be added as an extra room.

Glass Sliding Doors

  • Glass sliding doors provide flexible access to your shed as well as providing extra light and ventilation. These can also be fitted with a security door for added protection.

Security Screens

  • All of our buildings with windows can be fitted with security screens giving your building and its belongings that added touch of security.

Dividing walls

  • Dividing or partition walls can help section off your shed into separate areas. Roller doors, windows and personal access doors can all be added to these walls.

Water Tanks

  • As a distributor of Bushmans Tanks, we can supply and install water tanks to new or existing buildings.

Rain harvesting

  • We are able to provide and install the full range of products from Rain Harvesting. Options include steel gutter mesh, mozzie stoppers, first flush diverters and leaf eater rain head systems.


  • We can supply and install any or your shed shelving requirements.


Engineering – Council Permits – Home Owners’ Warranties

  • All Geelong Sheds buildings are designed and certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian standards.
  • Geelong Sheds is a Shed Safe Accredited Reseller in Geelong area.
  • We supply all associated engineering drawings required for council building permits within minutes!
  • We have a close working relationship with local council planning departments so will ensure that you have all relevant permits as required in your area.
  • We can also help organise any home owners’ warranties that may be requested.
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